• Island Logistics

    Island Logistics S.A., specializes in the management and operation of a fleet of work boats that offer services both in Panama and the region. Among the services offered are:
    Founded in November 2010 in Panama City, Panama, Island Logistics began its operations with only 2 vessels; a supply boat and a barge. In 2012 the company obtains a second barge, and in 2013 a tug boat, both to serve as support in the infrastructure projects developed on Panamanian coastlines.

    With Panama´s growing economy, and demand for higher quality standards, Island Logistics has positioned itself as a maritime company that responds to its clients needs in a timely manner, with the highest safety and quality standards.


    Become the benchmark in the maritime industry offering a reliable service, with the highest quality standards and under the most strict safety measures, by a qualified and efficient team.


    Become leaders in the maritime industry offering quality service both in Panama and the region, therefore contributing in a sustainable way to the economic growth and social development of the country.